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Baby Ace

Welcome to the home of Baby Ace, a new program and website from AcroVista Software.  Baby Ace is an exciting new product which allows you to store and share your records of your children's favorite moments including pictures and audio.  Baby Ace allows you to keep records on your children from pregnancy all the way through high school.  The program's interface is easy to use and is based on technology from the Internet browser area, so you can easily view links to parenting and children's sites:

During your children's earliest years you can store the following records:

  • Prenatal Historical Dates
  • Prenatal Diary
  • Ultrasound Pictures (features option to scan pictures)
  • Birth Events
  • Delivery Diary
  • First Pictures (features option to scan pictures)
  • First Words (features option to load in audio!)
  • First Skills

    As your children grow, Baby Ace will also grow with your child to allow you to store even more memories such as the following:

  • Immunization History
  • Childhood Illnesses
  • Childhood Physicians
  • Report Card Grades
  • Musical Activities
  • Sport Activities
  • Growth Chart (includes custom line charts)

    In addition, Baby Ace features the ability to scan pictures in to create memory pages for:

  • Birthdays
  • Holidays (registered users)
  • Vacations (registered users)

    Finally, Baby Ace provides an extensive listing of web site resources for parenting and children information.  Since Baby Ace is build on web browser technology, related links can be convieniantly viewed within Baby Ace.


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